Friday, May 6, 2011


What are HDR photo ?

The acronym HDR comes from the words High Dynamic Range. In a photo, dynamic range means the difference between the lightest and the darkest color value. In other words, dynamic range means the contrast of a photo. HDR photo means a photo which has larger dynamic range than an ordinary photo. HDR photos have larger dynamic range than today's digital consumer cameras are able to capture.
I would still like to clarify what isn't an HDR photo, because the term HDR photo is often used wrongly especially in the Internet. In the Internet, you often see a photo which is said to be an HDR photo. That is misleading because almost always the photo in question is an ordinary photo which is created from an HDR photo. The photo might look really special or unreal and its probably an appropriate result of an HDR technique, but its not exactly an HDR photo. The actual HDR photo is something that you only rarely found in the Internet and something that browsers can't even display. It seems that usually when people talk about HDR photos in the Internet they actually mean a normal photo (LDR) which is created from an HDR photo. Still, I think its important to understand the real and literal meaning of the term HDR photo.

copy paste je ni . haha klo korunk nk tahu lebih mendalam lg pasal HDR nie search kt google :)

cth² HDR photo dr ak edit pakai photoshop cs5

camare: nikon d3000
lens : d80
photo taken by : Muzakkir
edited by : Muzakkir
software used : photoshop cs5
date : 22.04.2011


klo gune cs4 ke bawah mmg susah nk buat HDR image . kne buat 4 atau lebih layer den gambungkn br jd HDR image . tp ak gune cs5 begitu mudah just click  open cs5 > open image > image > adjustments > HDR toning .

k tu je bai


NAD said...

amboi ckp omputih kau ye.hebat mu ! hahahha

biskut.marie said...

xyh nk perli ak sngt la kn . ak copy paste je maksud HDR tuh . adoi

Anonymous said...

percubaan yg mnjadi.. thumb up!!

Dekcik said...

hehe.. most beautiful lorh..

entry baru klu rajin singgah..=)

biskut.marie said...

aq islam - tq

dekcik - da singgah , neway tq

aJieM_iyMa said...

@nad untung le dpt kawan dgn omputih.. hehehe... ;D

@biskut - jgn marah ye.. main2 aje.. nway,nice pic lah weh! :)

biskut.marie said...

xder sbb pun nk marah . neway tq